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Welcome To Philadelphia Auto Wrap! We Are A Car Wrap Company Providing Vehicle Wraps, Custom Car Graphics, and Vinyl Wraps and Lettering.

Philadelphia Auto Wrap is the area leader in a revolutionary marketing and branding technique. We can help businesses to assert their presence on the road and give them an opportunity to see your style and grab some necessary contact information from you.

What Is Car Wrap Exactly?

We can do full color or solid color car wraps with anything on them. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination! If you are interested in car wrapping but you aren’t sure where to start, talk to a Philadelphia Auto Wrap specialist to see what options you have to create a one-of-a-kind car wrap.  

We utilize high-quality films and vinyl, along with state-of-the-art digital printing techniques and equipment in order to give our customers the best-looking car wrap product available in the greater Philadelphia area! Your business, fleet, and equipment can all be customized with a gorgeous, durable vinyl wrap or custom graphics. Our technicians will do everything they can to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with the way your wraps look. In fact, we guarantee your satisfaction! 

Philadelphia Auto Wrap – Vinyl Graphics Experts 32 Bank Street Philadelphia, PA 19106 (215) 515-7315

    Our Reputation Says It All

    Our wide range of project experience ensures that we deliver the highest level of quality on your car wrap, while keeping our prices affordable. Don’t waste time with fly-by-night vehicle car wrap shops.  We stand behind all our work. – Philadelphia Auto Wrap

    Van Wraps

    Get your brand the attention it deserves. From spreading the word while on the road, to building trust and credibility with your clients, our vehicle wraps quickly pay for themselves.

    Bus Wraps

    Nothing makes a statement like a giant billboard moving down the interstate. You know your product is the next big thing, why not tell the world about it with a car wrap?

    Car Wraps

    Turn heads in your new pride and joy, while protecting it from the elements simultaneously! Our car wraps come with a factory warranty of 10 years, and ask about our shop warranty. Varies from project to project.

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    The #1 Vehicle Wrap Shop in Philadelphia!

    Our Vinyl Vehicle Wrap Process

    Philadelphia Auto Wrap pros are trained to follow our tried-and-true process for designing and applying car wraps so that each and every customer gets the results they desire. This involves several face-to-face meetings and constant communication about the colors, textures, and placement of graphics and design elements. You’ll know exactly what your car wrap will look like before we create your customized product, so be completely honest with your team every step of the way about what you like and what you don’t. You won͛t hurt our feelings, and it͛s the only way we can give you a product you’re going to love!

    Our first step is to help you decide what type of vinyl wrap you want. This includes a variety of materials as well as the actual design. We can do everything from a photo to your company logo. Imagine how cohesive your company will look when everything from your fleet to your business cards carry the same professional logo! You’ll have different types of finishes to choose from, and your Philadelphia Auto Wrap experts will be able to advise you about which finishes will look good with certain designs, as well as how the placement of your car wraps will be affected by the type of vehicle.

    We Do Our Vehicle Wraps Right The First Time

    We’re sure you have seen wraps that were installed incorrectly or ill-planned so that there’s an awkwardly placed feature. Hopefully, you haven’t seen one where the company’s name, phone number, or website was obscured, but, being in the business, we know this happens, too. We͛ll make sure that the design you’ve chosen will fit on your vehicles. Our pros can help you avoid getting an embarrassing or ineffective product. Your logo and pertinent information will be showcased, while every effort will be  taken to design around the windows, tire wells, and other vehicle features that could ruin the design you’ve so carefully planned!

    The entire process can vary, but in general you’re looking at a two-week turnaround for customized auto wraps and graphics. Obviously, you’re looking at more time for more complex designs or for larger fleets. Only a Philadelphia Auto Wrap specialist can give you an exact quote on this, so talk with them before you make any definite decisions about whether or not auto wraps are right for you and your business! They can also give you a price quote. As you can imagine, it͛s impossible to give a general quote for auto wrapping since there are limitless opportunities for customization! Once you have chosen the perfect product, you will need to approve the design and we͛ll get to work fabricating it for you. We take great care to create excellent products; therefore, if a wrap doesn’t meet our company standards, we͛ll toss it out and create a new one at no charge to the customer. That’s just good business, and it safeguards us from getting called out by a customer who notices a flub on our part.

    Finally, your auto wrap is carefully applied by our service team. We take every part of our business seriously, from creation to installation. First, our team will make sure the vehicles are clean and dry before application. This is the key to getting the self-adhesive vinyl to stick to your vehicle for as long as possible, but it also makes removing the vinyl easy and leaves no damages or stains underneath. We carefully apply the graphics to your vehicles using tape, rulers, and several pairs of eyes to make sure that each one is placed correctly and uniformly. Sloppy application will make your company look unprofessional, not to mention that it can damage your vehicles. Poor applications techniques will result in auto wraps that don’t stand the test of time, and you’ll find yourself replacing them much sooner than you should have to.

    Vinyl Car Wrap Experts Are Hard To Come By!

    When it’s time to place the vinyl, we use a steady hand and special tools that help us smooth the self adhesive vinyl onto your vehicle without any creases or air bubbles getting trapped underneath. Some people believe that they can apply vinyl wraps to their fleet themselves in order to save some money, but what you’ll end up with is unpredictable and inconsistent results unless you yourself are a trained, authorized auto wrap installer. There are kits that you can order and install yourself, but there’s nothing wrong with paying a little extra for the assurance that your decals or full auto wrap will be installed correctly. If you’re already investing in a custom or semi-custom product, we highly advise you to let a professional who deals with self-adhesive carwraps handle the installation for you! When you have a professional, experienced vehicle wrap installation company like Philadelphia Auto Wrap, there’s no need to attempt installation yourself. We can create custom signage for you and apply it to your complete satisfaction! We have options in every price range, so you’re sure to discover an option that’s right for you and be able to comfortably afford its professional application!

    What Is Car Wrap?

    What is Auto Wrap?

    Well, there’s a question we hear a lot! You see it all the time, but you probably haven’t ever realized what you’re looking at. Car wrap, also known as vehicle wrapping, is a process of applying large sheets of vinyl over a vehicle to change the way it looks. The reason you may not recognize certain products as auto wraps is because they are innovative and creatively designed. Wraps are so variable that no two should ever look similar. A professional car wrap company can give you a detailed, completely customized product that doesn’t look like anything else on the road. That’s exactly the goal of Philadelphia Auto Wrap! 

    There are many reasons to apply auto wrap to a vehicle. Some of them include the following: 

     Advertising your business

    When you use your fleet to advertise – whether you have one vehicle or a dozen – you get free advertising everywhere you go! Even when your cars, trucks, SUV’s, or vans are parked, they are still working hard for you, grabbing the attention of new customers and providing them with your contact information. An auto wrap can include any number of designs, pictures, or lettering. This can include your business information, such as address, services, phone number, and website. 

     Giving your fleet a face-lift

    Car wrapping is a good way to update the look of your fleet. If your vehicles are looking beat up or just a little boring, Philadelphia Auto Wrap can add a solid color wrap or a full-color printed wrap which last up to 10 years or 5 years, respectively. Either way, your vehicles will look brand new without you having to pay thousands for new paint jobs or an all-new fleet. If you decide to change them in a few years, you can simply switch out your car wraps for another update and keep the same dependable fleet!

     Introducing a new corporate identity

    If you are updating your brand or trying to grow your business, there’s no better way than vehicle wrapping from Philadelphia Auto Wrap. We can help you create a uniform and professional look for your fleet. Everyone will get an eyeful of your new brand, and you’ll create excitement about a company that’s growing so fast it has its own fleet of custom-designed vehicles! 

     Provide customer confidence

    Perception is everything in business, so you always want to put your best foot forward when dealing with customers at their home or place of business. Pulling up at someone’s home in a white, unmarked van can make them feel a little uneasy, even if they are expecting you. Applying auto wraps to your vehicles will provide customers with a lot more confidence in your company and peace of mind when you are working in or around their home or business. 

    At Philadelphia Auto Wrap, we use only the best products to give our customers the absolute best results. This means using top-quality cut vinyl and the best printing methods in the business. Our wraps are produced by precision computers and printers applying designs to self-adhesive vinyl. We are constantly evaluating new products and techniques to make sure that they are good enough for our customers and their businesses! When you look good, we look good! Choosing Philadelphia Auto Wrap ensures that you’ll get the highest quality products available, and that leads to longevity for your auto wraps, meaning that they’ll look good for as long as possible!

    Philadelphia Auto Wrap – Vinyl Graphics Experts 32 Bank Street Philadelphia, PA 19106 (215) 515-7315
    Philadelphia Auto Wrap – Vinyl Graphics Experts 32 Bank Street Philadelphia, PA 19106 (215) 515-7315
    Philadelphia Auto Wrap – Vinyl Graphics Experts 32 Bank Street Philadelphia, PA 19106 (215) 515-7315
    Philadelphia Auto Wrap – Vinyl Graphics Experts 32 Bank Street Philadelphia, PA 19106 (215) 515-7315


    Philadelphia Auto Wrap – Vinyl Graphics Experts